Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Hubby is working away this week since he is doing a 6am to 8pm shift he has decided to spend the week in his van to save petrol, it's a good thing he hadn't sold it yet. We have been talking about getting rid of the van for a few months now but as yet we have done nothing about it. He hasn't found another job yet he is just driving buses doing whats called "rail" work while there is track work being done.

Kathy told me that she will be doing an extra day at the servo from next month but at the moment she has no idea when she will go back to woollies, I have told her to take it one day at a time. She is still looking for a place of her own but is in no hurry to move as she likes having a dishwasher and Foxtel and me to let her have a nap or sleep in when needed.

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