Saturday, 26 June 2010


Ok I'm, well not quite but last Tuesday I picked up my hearing aids and they guy who fitted them for me said they are easy to get in just pop this bit behind your ear and this little bit goes down into the ear..............easy.

No.....not easy for the love of me I can not get them in, well not the way he said my dad suggested I do it the other way around placing the little bit down into the ear first and then put the other bit behind my ear. That is easier but I still have trouble with them.

In fact I have had so much trouble I feel they are more trouble then they are worth.....I know they are not but still I can't help how I feel.


  1. Jo-Anne let's hope it is a case if practise makes perfect. Good luck

  2. Uh oh that puts me off going to see if i need them. I know my hearing is deteriorating. Hope things get better.

  3. Hi Diane

    I am getting them in easier now so I guess with practice it will become second nature at some point

  4. Keep practicing you will get there, and I bet it must make a difference for you to hear those little things easily once again.

  5. Hi just keep practicing I just got hearing aids on Thursday. Sounds like the same type you have. The first couple times was hard getting in, but it is easier now. Good luck!!

  6. Hi Whiteangel & Sally

    I have gotten use to the hearing aids and have no problem getting them in now.


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