Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Picky People

I find it very annoying when I cook a meal and then no one wants it, Tim has a habit of complaining that I don't cook him meals any more. Well since he works nights he isn't home for the evening meal and if I suggest cooking something for lunch he will say no I will just have a sandwich. The others can be just as bad too, last night I cooked a big casserole for tea but it was ready before Tim went to work and I asked him if he would like some and of course he said no, then I asked if he would like me to leave some out for him to have when he got home and again he said no. He then said "I don't eat that stuff" what a load of rot I know he does.

Kathy had some before she went to work and Tasha had some also along with Blain and then I got a surprise as Jessica decided to have some also even though she only ate a small amount of it. I was happy she at least tried it. Yes I did have some myself also had some for lunch today but my lot will not eat left overs I don't get why I think some things taste better the next day. I think they are just a bit to picky.

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  1. I know where you are coming from Jo-aane...I actually can`t remember the last time we all as a family sat down at the table and ate a meal together....

    I find these days I am cooking two sometimes 3 different meals come tea time as one doesn`t like this and one doesn`t like that....I`m running a bloody bistro....lol


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