Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Tim and Me

Last weekend Tim and I went over to my parents place for lunch and while there we had a talk with mum and dad about how when Tim drinks he gets nasty and mean and I think at last he realises that it is not the drinking I object to as much as the way the grog affects him. At first he was upset that I brought it up in front of mum and dad but on the way home he said it was a good idea and it made him see things a bit different.

Mum suggested that I record Tim when is being nasty and mean and I was surprised when he agreed and said he thought maybe I should as he doesn't think he is that bad.

I hope things will be different fingers crossed....................................


  1. Love the picture Jo-anne...lol
    I hope things have settled down for you both....
    When Matt used to drink he was ok on beer but as soon as he started on spirits omg he was a nasty piece of work...Alcohol affects everyone differently...Sounds like a good plan to record his actions....
    Good luck with it all...

  2. HI JO-anne..I am glad Tim realised that your conversation was to show him that you only don't like his drinking. I hope he can make some improvements for you both.

    Just been reading your last couple of posts..YES.. I hate that no one wants to eat after you go to the trouble of cooking. ON school hol's my kids think it is ok not to eat what I cook and then come out after 9.30 pm and eat snacks!! I hate that. I eat it again the next day but the dog gets alot!!


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