Thursday, 19 June 2008

Defending Me.......Not

Last weekend while I was at my parents place last weekend dad got angry with mum and started yelling at her and I told him do not talk to my mother like that, he didn't like it but I didn't care I will not stand around and listen to him speak to my mother in a way I don't like.

My children are the same if the hear Tim speak to me in a nasty way they will say something Jessica is the one who does it most and it makes me feel great to know that they will defend me.

Now if only Tasha or Kathy would say something when they see Lucas being a bully and speaking to me and a bad way, Kathy has told me that she doesn't like the way he speaks to me at times but she doesn't say anything and that upsets me more then Lucas's behaviour.

What is worse though is that Tim doesn't say anything when he doesn't like the way I am being spoken to whether it is by one of the girls or by Lucas.

Why is it so hard for them to speak up and say don't speak to my mother like that?


pcso lotto results said...

Thanks. Im Inspired again.

The Causeway said...

Hi Jo-Anne,

Kids.... they were so much easier when they were babies.
Hugs and rainbows

sandy said...

hey sis i would say something thats for bloody sure:):) love you xoxox

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