Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Day Care

Today I am feeling ok aching all over a bit but otherwise not to bad, not doing anything today just staying home and chilling.

At least it has stopped raining and hopefully I will be able to get some washing dried if only I could get motivated to go and peg it on the line...lol

Took Blain to day care and talked to Tasha about trying to find somewhere closer to send him as we really can't afford the petrol taking him out to Jesmond twice a week it is 18km each way and may not seem a lot but when you think that there is about 12 day care centres within 6km of us. The only reason she enrolled him where he is was because his other grandmothers sister is the manager where he is and she also told Tasha she would help pay, but of course she doesn't help pay and his father doesn't pay and it is only Tasha and Lucas who is paying so it should be up to her where she sends him not his father or his fathers mother.

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  1. Petrol prices are a joke at the moment....I`m running out before the end of the week....
    I hope the father pays child support for Blain....It isn`t cheap raising kids....My ex still manages to get away with it...



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