Monday, 8 October 2018

Did you know No:25

Here we are at another Monday, when the alarm went off this morning I didn't feel like getting up so stayed in bed for another hour before getting up and reading some blogs while watching Sunrise before going to my aqua class.

After the aqua class I came home changed and went to the podiatrist, although when I pulled in the driveway I noticed Tim's motorbike was still in the carport and I thought he should have already left for work. When I get inside the house he isn't here, but I had no time to wonder what happened I had to get to the podiatrist.

It wasn't till I got home from the podiatrist that I discovered that the bike wouldn't start so he took Natasha's car to work. Natasha just came and borrowed our car to go to the shops.

Now till this weeks did you know facts.

Most gold has some copper mixed into it, if it didn't it would be so soft you could change the shape of coins and jewellery with your bare hands.

There is no known case of a vegetarian dying of a snake bite in America

People with blue eyes see better in the dark

Water grows 9% as it freezes

The wettest spot in the world is located on the Island of Kauai, Mount Waialeale consistently records rainfall at the rate of nearly 500 inches per year.


Nancy Chan said...

Thank you for sharing the interesting facts. Have a wonderful new week!

Chatty Crone said...

You sound like you have magical cars - just like we do here. We are always doing that.

CWMartin said...

I'd still rather be bit by a snake than be a vegetarian...

Karen said...

Looks like I'll be staying away from Kauai, I'm no fan of rain.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Nancy...........You're welcome

Chatty..........Yeah many people have the same cars

Chris...........I get that, although when I first read your comment I thought you said you would rather be bitten by a snake than by a vegetarian


Katie Isabella said...


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Katie...........Yeah what the hell

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