Sunday, 12 June 2016

My Cruise

Hi all this is the first of my cruise posts, I will be boring you all with a few over the next week or so, we had a bloody great time, although Tim at one point said he didn't think we would take any more cruises but me I think we will if I can talk him into it and I am going to give it my best shot.
Although one thing I didn't like was there was no internet in the cabin so I has to take the laptop to the casino or common area down stairs to connect from there and send emails and check Facebook, what did we do before Facebook.

On our second day at see we had breakfast, lunch and tea in the Waterfront restaurant which was ok but tomorrow we will only be having tea in the restaurant and we will have breakfast and lunch in the Pantry yeah a strange name it is a few different types of foods such as Indian, Chinese, something called the Fat cow which has beef pork and chicken dishes with half cooked roast veggies and there is a fish and chips place and some place that has soup and sandwiches and another that has deserts like cakes and such but you have to go and line up get the meal and take it to a table and the two times we ate there we had to walk a mile (well it felt like it ) to get the food as it was very hard to find a table for all of us.

I also didn’t like much of the food which is why we tried the restaurant and yes there are more then two restaurants but some you have to pay extra and we are not doing that. We paid enough money for the cruise and I am not paying extra for food. Although I said to mum tonight that I wouldn’t mind paying the extra to get a hot chocolate in my cabin at night but tonight I got one before coming back to the cabin for the night.

Both mum/nan and I feel that by tea time we are too worn out to walk about finding food we would rather be seated and have the food brought to us.

I had a nap the second day of the cruise but that was all, Tim was having a nap or lay down he said he didn't sleep though but he was unwell for a few days with a bad toothache, I will post more about that in later posts. Dad also has had a nap a few times as he had been unwell a bit as well.


Janie Junebug said...

I wondered about the food situation. I've always heard that a lot of people go on cruises for the food. I imagine it's different with different companies and different types of cruises.


Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Yes I think it might be different with different companies which is why Tim said for out next cruise he would like to try a different company

Cheryl said...

We have taken a number of cruises and different companies have varying qualities of things. We now how our favorite cruise lines but our next cruise is in Europe and we will be using a cruise line we haven't used in the past. We have never had a problem with any cruise line as far as food goes. They all had very good dining rooms and lot's of choices of things to eat.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

So true I would like to try another cruise line next time around so we will see

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