Sunday, 8 November 2015

Sunday at Jo-Anne's Place

Hello all, it is Sunday at Jo-Anne's house and this Sunday afternoon I am going to work on my blog posts and read some blog posts but it isn't the afternoon yet is the morning 6.50am as I start this but I expect I will not finish it till later in the morning or even in the afternoon.

Lately I have felt a tad un-organised and have to say I don't like it at all, I prefer to be organised in my belongings and my time and my thoughts, can't say why exactly I feel un-organised I just have done. I have not felt like blogging on Fridays and Saturday and often on Sunday either and then I get annoyed with myself for not blogging and yes I know I shouldn't feel like that but I do. I also have been slipping with my letter writing although yesterday I answered 5 letters so that was good, did that instead of blogging but to be honest I would prefer to do both.

Today Tim is going over to Jessica's place to do some work around the house, repair some holes in the walls and fix a door and take Leo's old bed apart and take it out near the kerb she has a kerbside collection coming up. He wanted me to go over and help but I said I was doing a baked lunch so while he and the girls are at Jessica's I will be here cooking and around midday they can return here for a nice baked lunch. Have to say he was annoyed with me that I didn't want to go and help but I said let's be honest here how much of a help do you really think I will be, he snapped that he would need some help but didn't comment on how much help he thought I would be, why, well I think he realised that I was right and I wouldn't be much of a help so he snapped because he doesn't like it when I am right, just my opinion.

I have been up since 6.30am had to get the roast on to cook in the slow cooker and have been writing this between peeling the veggies, I will start the cooking around 10.30-11am takes a while to cook everything.

It is now 9.25am and Tim has just got out of bed and Kathy just rang to say she would be heading over to Jessica's place soon. Ok it is not a warm day here pretty cool in fact and I had the front door closed, so Tim gets up and opens the door to go out to have a smoke and comes in and leaves the door open what the hell Tim, it isn't like he is even in the room he has gone down the hall somewhere. So I get up and shut the door watch him come back and open it again.

So all the girls turned up for lunch, Natasha was in a right mood, she stormed into the house and was slamming doors and such all because she was an hour late to get to Jessica's place and everyone was leaving when she got there. Thankfully by the time we sat down to eat she was over it and laughing and joking with her sisters, this was a bit of a surprise as she often takes a while to get over stuff just like her dad.

It is now 1.50pm and I am at last getting around to finishing this and posting it, after lunch Natasha and I cleaned out the spare room and set it up for Blain to use and now the girls are leaving, won't be long before Natasha will not be leaving of Sunday afternoon as she will be living here.

Speaking of Natasha her and I had a good talk, she was annoyed that I spoke to Kelli about Blain's behaviour on Friday while she (Kelli) was her, Blain has become very cheeky and swearing for no good reason and outright lying about stuff to me, refusing to do his homework telling me he was going to throw it in the bin because he doesn't want to do it. Well Kelli told Jonathon (Blain's dad) and Jono rang Tasha and went off at her and somehow this all became my fault, but it is all good now we have talked and sorted things out.


diane b said...

never a dull day in your world. I take my hat off to you for cooking a baked dinner for all the family on a Sunday. That is an old English tradition that you have kept well. Not me too lazy.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Yes I remember growing up mum often doing a baked lunch on Sunday and I also like to do one every few weeks

Margaret-whiteangel said...

I liked a baked dinner but at night time. I always bake my meat in the oven, put the potatoes around the meat, probably the very old fashioned way.
Never a dull moment in your house..

CWMartin said...

Fail to see why parents and relatives want to fight each other rather tan working to correct the child's behavior. Sounds like they all need a little more love (like you) for the child and a bit less dander at each other.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Nothing wrong with old fashion, I use to do the meat in the oven till I got a slow cooker which I oh so love, veggies are cooked in electric frypan in oil the way my mum and nan did them

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Yeah I get that thankfully they seemed to work it out, although I reckon I am going to be in Blain's bad books when I get him this afternoon

Katie Isabella said...

OH my goodness! Families and the things that happen with the dynamics of the family. We all of us have our ways and habits and ways of dealing with things. That was quite a lively day you had my friend!

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