Thursday, 22 October 2015

Mish, mash, this and that, or a post about random stuff

Good morning all, it is a nice warmish day here, started out cool and wet though so I didn't go for a walk this morning as it was raining and I was so tired which I blamed on the dark and wet morning. I am now feeling more awake and have been out to take Jessica to Centrelink for an appointment, I dropped her off and she said she would ring me to get her when she was finished for all those who don't know appointments at Centrelink can either go on time or you can be left waiting and waiting and waiting. So I dropped her off headed home stopped at the shops to get her bread rolls and came home I walked in the house and she rang she was out so her appointment which was at 10 was over and done with by 10.10, so back I go to get her she felt bad that I had only just got home and had to leave again but as I told her not her fault just the way it was.

So this morning while I was blogging I was reading Kate's blog she can be found here: she had mentioned she did this social anxiety questionnaire and scored 40 out of 90 so I decided to go to the website and do it myself I scored 60 out of 90 which indicates I have a high amount of social anxiety this comes as no surprise to me, the questionnaire can be found here:

Moving on this morning I found Tim wanting to toss out the last 5 slices of bread now the bread was still fresh I bought it on Tuesday so nothing wrong with it, it was just the last of it and I had a full new loaf that I bought yesterday. So I asked him what he was doing and he said we have a new loaf and I was like so,nothing wrong with this bread I will use it to make toasted sandwiches and I used two slices to make Blain's school lunch. I get really annoyed when he wants to toss out bread that is still usable.

Still on the topic of things Tim do that's annoying, I had recorded some episodes of NCIS and had put the “K” for keep next to it so Tim would not delete it well you guessed it he deleted the episodes as soon as he watched them. Now I said to him last night when I realised what he had done why did he delete them he said he didn't know what the “K” meant well I said common sense would have said it is something Jo has done I should not do anything to I ask her about it, but of course not Tim he doesn't think he just does these annoying things. When I complained he said just go online and download it and watch it on the laptop,NO, Tim that is not what I want to do. I am not one to watch stuff on the laptop I prefer to watch tv shows on the tv sorry but you should know that Tim.

Yesterday I bought tickets via Groupon for the Dinosaur Museum in Canberra saved over $30 on the price of the tickets and I told Tim last night that I had done it and thought we could go with Jessica and Leo over the Christmas school holidays as Leo loves dinosaurs. He was annoyed that I didn't ask him first but when I explained that he was at work and I had to buy the tickets while the deal was active and that it was over a 50% saving on the tickets he was ok. He doesn't get at times that the deals are often on for only a few hours if I had a end time for the deal I would have spoken to him first but since it just said ending soon I wanted to get them before it ended. I did ask Jessica if she thought it would be a good idea and she did she agreed with me that Leo would love it.

So I asked mum if we could borrow the motor-home over the Christmas holidays for the trip and she said she would ask dad but it should be ok but first I am going to check out the cost and places to stay before we go better to make arrangements now and not leave it too late.


CWMartin said...

Wow. I thought I was bad but only got a 35. Might have been a 30 if they hadn't put "while sober" on the karaoke question.

-Men and TV control, whatcha gonna do? Luckily we can back-episode NCIS on demand for free.

Kate Hall said...

Thanks for the mention, Jo-Anne! I'm so thankful for social media. It's like a healthier way to avoid people in real life. haha!

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Jo-Anne,
Sorry for you feeling that way.
It is not a problem for me but at times I don't feel like going out and meeting people. When I'm working on certain things, my mind is not with it.
Walking is good in many ways, clearing the mind and feeling fit.
Certain things we cannot discuss when the husband is not around all day and it ought not be.
Sending you hugs,

diane b said...

That sounds like a good trip coming up.

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Yeah I wasn't surprised by my score, Tim often doesn't think things through he just does because he is either male or strange

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

That it is and you're welcome

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Yeah Tim was ok when he got it that I had to decide right there and then I asked him how long he would like to stay in Canberra he said 3 nights so that is ok too at least I didn't make that decision without asking him

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Yes I think so we will only stay 3 nights but it will be a nice get away

Juli G said...

I should take that test... but I'm having some anxiety about it. :)

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