Sunday, 11 October 2015

Hello Sunday/Grandparents doing a lot

Hello Sunday and what a Sunday it's been, a warm day spent for the most part home alone, I was up at 6.30am as usual and went for a walk which included a detour via Macca's on the way home for breakfast.

I also have done a load of washing and it has dried on the line along with the load I did yesterday afternoon. Tim is at work he left around 9ish and will be home sometime after 6 and before 6.30pm.

It has been a nice warm day, just warm not hot and that I like, I spent the morning answering mail I managed to write 7 letters, the first one is always the most time consuming one all that follow don't take as long as there is part of the letter that remains the same.

I didn't have the girls here for breakfast nor lunch today, as I wanted a nice quiet day and last night and tonight are child free. I love having my grandchildren but I also love having days/nights without any young children.

Jessica has a habit of making me feel guilty if I say I don't want to have Leo, saying that Leo gets jealous of Blain and misses me and pappa which is why I usually end up saying he can stay either Friday or Saturday night. She also says at times that she needs a break, I think bloody hell Jessica your a mother you don't get to have a break till your child is grown.

I think my girls appreciate me and how much I do for them, I know when they have compared me to their friends mothers they have been shocked at how little their friends mothers do for them, compared to how much I do for them.

Mum and I have said no one took care of our children when they were young we just had to manage, when my girls where little my mum was busy working and so she was unable to take my daughters very often so I was just use to taking care of my own children. I also rarely have Kathy's girls and when I do have them it is during the day and in fact only once have the girls had a sleep over at nanna's.

We think that David, Sandra, Natasha and Jessica do not realise how good they have it with grandparents who are willing to step in and help out so much.


  1. You certainly do a great job with your's good to have them to look after..I enjoy it when I look after my grandchildren..

  2. When my kids were little my parents took them only so I could work. There were no breaks for sanity, if I went on a date I had to hire a sitter, and there was never a "I'm too busy can you pick them up." It was SOLELY so I could work.

    With my sister and brother's kids, it's a much different story. My brother's kids get dropped off so that she can take a nap. *eye roll* And both of their houses have/had TWO parents, as opposed to ours which for the first ten years was just me. It used to brother me a lot, but now when they go to their grandmother's it's because they both want to be there, not out of necessity, which I think makes for a better relationship, for them and also for me.

    It's nice that you can take them overnight. It forms bonds that you can't go back and do over.

    And it's also nice that you take time for yourself.

    1. I have always said that I love having them but I want them to want to be here, I think it is wrong to force a child to stay over at nanna's or aunties and uncles homes if the child doesn't want to do so, if is different if mum & dad have to work and they are not old enough to be home alone but if you want a break and the child doesn't want to go over to a relatives house while you have a break then you shouldn't make them do so.

  3. Here's to you, Mrs. Meadows, Jesus loves you more than you will know... whoa whoa whoa...

    1. Well thank you, I am touched,oh and I love Jesus too


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