Thursday, 6 August 2015

Thursday Catchup

Hello everyone, didn't get around to doing a post yesterday as I went with mum to Kmart and by the time I got home and checked my emails and read some blogs before I knew it, it was time to go and get the boys from school after that Blain was here and of course he walks in the door and sits at the computer.

This morning I had to go and see my nanna at the nursing home, then mum had to go to the brew shop for Dave and then we came home here and picked up Sydney-May, yes she is with nanna for the day as she is sick and couldn't go to school.

Nanna was good we hadn't seen her for two weeks as last week the nursing home was in lock down and the week before we had other stuff to do so couldn't get there. Anyway nanna was good, pretty much the same as always, but we do feel better when we get over there to see her.

Blain has decided he doesn't want to stay with Aunty Jess at all during the week so he is here although he did stay with her on Tuesday night but after they have tea Jessica takes the boys to Natasha's house and after Natasha gets home from work Jessica goes back to her own house and leaves the boys with Natasha.

My dad has been really sick the last week or so, mum made him go to the doctors yesterday and he is on antibiotics and prednisone again and the doctor told mum if dad isn't sounding any better in 48 hours he is to go back as he might have to go back into hospital, dad said he isn't going back and he isn't going into hospital end of story. Mum says what would you prefer hospital or grave.

On Saturday it is my Aunty Pat's birthday she will be 75, and her daughter has arranged to take Aunty Pat out for dinner that night and of course they invited mum and dad, dad wanted to go as Pat is his sister but mum said he is not well enough to go out at night. It would had been better if they did something at lunch, I always do something for lunch when I arrange something for my parents.


  1. Hope your dad gets better soon.

  2. Sorry your dad is not well. It's a worry I guess.

  3. Hope your dad feels better and listens to Mum. He's not to old to be spanked, you know.

    1. It knows he shouldn't go out and when he complained to his daughters that mum said no they couldn't go we all agreed with mum

  4. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    Lots of things going on but as for your Dad, that Prednisone also has its toll, it did affect my kidneys... Hope things work out!
    Hugs and happy weekend.

    1. Yeah it makes him a short tempered sod but he needs it the good out weighs the bad with it.


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