Monday, 10 August 2015

Monday=Flag info

Now to talk about another flag I am sure people not only in foreign countries but here in Australia have not heard of. The Australian South Sea Islanders Flag.

South Sea Islanders are descendants of islanders brought from various Pacific islands from 1863 to 1904 to work as labourers in the Queensland sugar and timber industries.

The flag was formally adopted in 1998 by the Australian South Sea Islanders United Council to represent this distinct community.

The black panels symbolise the people standing strong and the continuity of their traditions, the blue represents the sea and the sky, the gold is for the sun and the green is for the land and the islanders contribution to agriculture. The southern cross is to remind then of their home in the south pacific and as it is the badge that Australians associate with, it emphasises that they are also Australians.

This flag was designed by Tony Burton in 1994 so it hasn't been around for very long, there was a recognised need for a simple flag that would stand with the distinction alongside other flags and represent this distinct community.



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