Thursday, 21 May 2015

Motivational Thursday.........Life's too short

I have said for a long time “life's too short to be miserable” and I stand by that, yes sometimes we can't help but be sad and depressed things happen in life to make one both of those but over all we have to chose to try and be happy, to enjoy life.

There are many things in life that cause us upset but dwelling on them achieves nothing but sorrow and/or a headache so why bother and yes I know it is easy to say chose to be happy but often choosing to be happy is the first step to a happy life, maybe not always but isn't it worth a shot, why do you have to lose. 


  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly, Jo-Anne. I feel that if we put out a positive attitude, we will get that optimism back ten-fold. It's okay to be sad as long as we don't get stuck there for too long.

    1. So true which is why I am usually upbeat

  2. I would like to choose to be happy, and sometimes I am.


  3. Yes! Happiness is a choice. :) :)

  4. You know me...positive 99% of the time!



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