Thursday, 7 May 2015

Birthday Cards for Nanna

On the 31st of May so this month, my grandmother will be turning 94 I would love for her to have a room full of cards and as such have asked on Facebook if the family members would send her a card, but thought I would also ask here on my blog if anyone would like to send her a car. If so the cards can be sent to
Flo James
Koombahla Nursing Home,
Room 119
138 Lake Road
Elermore Vale
NSW 2287


  1. Oh, Jo-Anne, what a lovely idea :).

  2. I will Jo-Anne. I will get a card and be VERY happy to send it. xo

  3. Saved the adress, will try to get one out!

  4. Very sweet of you to do this for her. 94---wow!

  5. What a cool idea! Should I send one with monkeys on them? Monkeys always make me laugh. Also, as you know, they sometimes make you lose control of your bladder.

    1. Very funny Al................very funny indeed


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