Thursday, 27 June 2013

Wanting to know about me on Thurday not Wednesay................

What are a few things on your bucket list that you hope to accomplish this year?
Nothing I don't have a bucket list, why well because I am a drifter in that I just difter through life and take things as they come.
What would you rather have, a short order cook or a maid?
Easy a maid I hate housework
Are there any projects you hope to do this Summer?
Summer is too far off and even if it wasn't the answer is NO because don't do projects..........
What do you want your next big purchase to be?
Does another holdiay count........................if not then I will say ok I have nothing so it will have to be the holiday
Why did you start blogging?
Because my dad had a blog and it looked like I love it..................


  1. These were fun to read! I agree with you- it would be great to have a maid. In our house, the maid is me.

  2. Fun to find out more about your personality. I like that you are a drifter. It sounds so laid back and relaxed.

    1. I guess I am a pretty laid back person

  3. I don't believe in bucket lists. I'm too tired to think about having such a thing.



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