Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Holding Back Tears

Why do some men find it hard to cry in front of others even those they are closest to……………….

A few days ago Lucas had a phone call from his mother telling him that his grandmother was very ill and not expected to live out the week. Since she lives in Dubbo it wasn’t going to be easy for Lucas to get out there to see her but it was something he really wanted to do as he was very close to her.

Yesterday his mother rang and told him she was on her way to Dubbo to be with her as she really wanted to be there when she died, however she rang again this morning at 6am to let Lucas know that his grandmother had passed away.

Tasha told me she could see him fighting back the tears and wouldn’t look at her but she could hear in his voice how torn up he was. After getting a few more hours of restless sleep he decided he was going to drive himself to Dubbo which he did. This was not something he wanted to do as he doesn’t have a licence but he hadn’t been able to find any other way to get there.

Her funeral will be on Saturday which is also Tasha’s birthday so Lucas is also upset that he will not be here for her birthday but of cause she understands.


  1. Trusting he can actually drive, just not renewed his licence!!!

    Thats sad, my sister was in Sydney when my grandpa died, his daughter was in the US .... its hard going...

    As for crying....think my hubby has softened as he has got older, shedding the odd tear with all the recent sad stuff....


  2. that's sad news Jo-Anne, my condolences. Fran

  3. It`s been a week of sadness Jo-anne.....I think it`s a social status where men are expected to show a brave face especially around women....Let`s hope he is able to get his emotions out in the open....And I hipe he gets to Dubbo safely...

  4. Yes he can drive just lost his licence but he got there ok no problems.

  5. Another coincidence Jo-Anne. I am a Dubbo girl. Aunty Pat still lives there.

    I thought there were many changes with the younger generation. It is a shame that they do not feel comfortable to express sorrow.

  6. Condolences to Lucas and all the family.

  7. Sorry to read the news. My sons both cried when their grandmother (my mother)died recently. It did them the world of good to 'cry' and it was in front of everyone at the church. I hope Lucas has a 'cry' even if it's in private.


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