Saturday, 5 April 2008


Last night I got a phone a text message from Kathy saying she wanted to come home, so I rang her and she was upset and crying. When I asked what was wrong she didn't say but she went I said to her are you just homesick or did something happen she said she was homesick.

However when Tasha spoke to her she found out that Kathy was having problems with the friend from work she went with but they talked and this morning she said she was much better, however that didn't last long as she was upset again tonight as her so called friend was making fun of her about something.

I hate hearing Kathy cry and I have been worried about her so much while she has been away, this so called friend of her is a right little bitch. I wish Kathy had gone away with Natasha or even her boyfriend Chad instead.


  1. Unfortunately in life you find out who your true friends are or in the case are not....Even though she is sad now it will make her stronger as a person and all you can do is be supportive....Mum`s as you know have broad shoulders and even though we might like to fight our kids battles we have to let them do it for themselves...

    I hope she finds the strength to dish out what this so called friend has done to her....

  2. I hope she has the strength to grow as a person and dump this "friend"and move on.Dishing out the same will only bring her down to that same level as her "Friend"

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