Monday, 7 January 2008

Trip day 4

Hi all,

Well we left our free camp spot at Ayre's Water Hole at about 0845. The run to Ceduna was OK, the scenery was a little better, as we travelled through some pastoral areas.

Arrived at Ceduna about 1030 and it was already HOT. We needed some
supplies, so found the local IGA store, I was surprised at the amount of people in the store and came to the conclusion that most of them were only there to take advantage of the air-condition.

We walked outside and almost fainted from the heat, funny thing though, there were local aboriginals out side dressed in long pants, long sleeve shirt, woollen beanie, woollen footy socks and sneakers, scary.

We fuelled up and topped up our water tanks at the servo. I was talking to a
man there who was complaining his car was running on LPG, he had an 80 litre gas tank and because of the heat, it would not take much more then 30 litre. We could not get going fast enough so we could enjoy the A/C in the cab.

We travel the Ayre Hgy across the Nullarbor for the next 1200 Norsman. I was talking to a couple of ladies travelling in a motorhome at Ceduna who were also travelling our way and
they mentioned staying at Fowler Bay overnight, I had also thought of this so we decided to check it out.

Fowler Bay is 20 kls off the Ayre Hgy and 16 kls of this was dirt road.We arrived there at 1230, checked out the caravan park and was told $25.00 per night with power but not allowed to use our air-condition.

Told him to stick it, we only came so we could use our air-condition. We parked next to the bay and had lunch. While there the 2 ladies I was talking to at Ceduna arrived and I informed the about the caravan park. We back tracked 20 klm back to the Ayre Hgy and continued west.

Stopped at Nundroo Roadhouse for a brake and checked the fuel price it was $1.48.9 litre, not bad, cheaper then Ceduna but I did not get any as I had 3/4 of a tank. I had intended to fuel up at Yalata as I knew the fuel at Nullarbor was expensive. You would not believe it but Yalata is now closed.

Before Nullarbor Roadhouse we turned off and travelled 12 kls to Head Of Bight. During the whales watching season, June to October, it is said to be the best place to view them, as you are
high above a sheer cliff drop, and the water below is very deep, the whaled are close to the viewing area. Although there were no whales to see, it was a very enjoyable place to visit and view the ruggered coast line. However the flies were something else, we stepped out of
the MH and were attacked by thousands of flies, jumped straight back in the MH to get the fly mesh that covers your face, I bought 2 a few weeks ago just for this purpose, but I can't find
were I put them so we covered ourselves with fly spray and away we went. That was a wast of time, as I think they ad a feast on the stuff.

Back to the Ayre Hgy and on to Nullarbor Roadhouse, need some fuel. You would not believe it, but the fuel here is $1.88.9 cpl for diesel, 40c a litre more then the one I did not top up at before.

The heat here is unbelievable, HOT. We decided we could not free camp in this heat, so we booked in to the caravan park here at Nullarbor Roadhouse. It seems a lot of travellers had the same idea, as the place is almost full. I found out from the attendant here that the temperature here was recorded today as 47 deg C. It was that hot, the water in our MH tanks was almost too hot to shower in. The DVD player would not work until I cooled it down by holding it in front of the airconditioner for 5 min. It has cooled down a lot as I write this.

The 2 ladies in the motorhome that went to Fowler Bay also arrived here and are staying at this caravan park, I would say they were not impressed with no aircondition at Fowler Bay also.

Dad / Denis

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mandy said...

I`d say that the owners at Fowler Bay wouldn`t get too many people stopping if that`s their policy of not using air conditioning....I would have told them to stick it also....

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