Wednesday, 2 January 2008

New Years Eve

Well the New Year is here and I didn’t really get to see it in as I was busy throwing up at the time. I have never drunk so much before in my life and I don’t plan to do so again ever.

Apart from that I had a great night out Tim and I went over to my brother’s place for a BBQ and a few drinks, however, I had many more then a few…

It was both the best and worst night I have had in a long time I have never before had a hang over and I hope I never again have another one. It took me all day yesterday to recover from it.

I hope everyone has a great 2008 as I am hoping to myself.


  1. OUCH..hangovers are bad! As you know..LOL..hope you are recovering and now enjoying 2008!!

  2. Oh not good....I remember doing something similar quite a few years ago now and it took me nearly the whole of the next day to

    I did drink this new years eve but i made sure i paced myself and woke up fine...

    I`ve learnt never to go down that path again....My body just can`t take it

    Hope you`re feeling better now....

  3. hi jo-anne, happy new year. i've had a few morning after nye hangovers in the past. went to bed early this year (12.30 am). getting past the party animal stage now. :) take care. bfn


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