Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Gross Facts No 2/ Inventions

Hello everyone here we are at another Tuesday and it is pretty bloody warm bordering on hot may have to turn the air con later,at the moment it is only 27°c.

Today it is also Leo's birthday he is 11 today, he is the type of person it is a pleasure too give gifts to he shows joy and excitement at every gift, he uses words like awesome & amazing to describe gifts he also likes to say “mine now” after opening a gift.

Anyway let's move onto some gross facts about inventions.

In 1867 William Bullock developed gangrene and died after crushing his foot with his own invention the rotary printing press.

The toilet snorkel was invented in 1982 to provide clean air via the toilet bowl,in case of fire

In 1995 the babyvac was invented to clean snot out of babies noses so that the could breathe more easily

In 2006 scientists in Singapore created a battery powered by urine, why, just why

In 1908 George Hogan designed an alarm clock that tipped water on a sleeping person to wake them up, what the hell who would like that.

The Aspire Assist Aspiration Therapy System was invented in 2013, what is it you wonder well it is a weight loss device that pumps food out of your body before your body can digest it.

Scientists in Japan invented a fart recorder that analyses a fart's smell and then recreates it using a mixture of chemicals, again why..........


Janie Junebug said...

All I can do is echo your "why".


Margaret-whiteangel said...

The one with the water to wake us up sounds rather funny to me, and definitely would not like that.
Happy Birthday to the Leo, and hope he is having a great day.

Rita said...

Happy birthday to Leo. :)
A battery powered by urine actually would be environmentally friendly...but smelly, I would think--LOL! ;)

Chatty Crone said...

Happy birthday to Leo.
Are you saying the snorkel that they use in the swimming pool was to get fresh air from the toilet? Amazing.

Carol Kilgore said...

Love this :) Not sure whether to laugh or gag, LOL. Some people have way too much spare time on their hands. Happy Birthday to Leo!

CWMartin said...

"Toilet snorkel". Can't wait till Al Penwasser gets a "whiff" of that...

"babyvac", wonder how many thought to try it on diaper cleaning...

The AAATS: Why not just use the old Roman vomitorium...

"...and recreates it"?????

Jo-Anne's Ramblings said...

Janie......I get that, why

Margaret.....I know who would, Leo had a wonderful day

Rita........Yes I think it would be smelly, Leo had a awesome birthday

Chatty.......Thanks Leo had a good day, the toilet snorkel was strange

Carol.........Yeah laugh or gag or gag while laughing

Chris.....I have seen the babyvac in the store but never tried it, yeah Al would have a laugh with th toilet snorkel

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