Monday, 29 June 2015

Monday = Flag information

I am pretty sure many people know what the Australian flag looks like but since there are many different flags used here in Australia and yes I know in the past I have done a post about our flags but because on a certificate of participation that Blain got last Friday there was a flag we couldn't post I have decided to do a couple of more posts about flags.

So I will start this off with the flag we didn't recognised.

It was this one, anyone know what flag this is, no didn't think so.............

It is the Torres Strait Islander Flag

It was back in May 1992 that a flag was adopted to represent the Torres Strait Islanders, it was designed by Bernard Namok and the copyright is owned by the Torres Strait Island Coordinating Council.

The green stripes represent the land, the blue stripe represents the sea and the black symbolises the people. The thing in the centre is a Dhari, a dancer's headress with a 5 point star to symbolise the five island groups in Torres Strait.


  1. Well that's something I hadn't even thought about...interesting.

  2. I think we need separate flags for each county in each state. That way, all the rednecks who love the confederate flag so dang much can all live in one county and fly that flag without retort. Ha! I honestly didn't realize Australia had so many different flags. Interesting!

    1. Well neither did I I have a few more flags I will show in the coming weeks, rednecks living in one county that sounds like an idea

  3. Yes we do now have a few other representative flags as like above.
    Thankfully all of them are minus the Union Jack.
    I would like to see our national flag minus the British Symbol.

    1. I will be showing other flags in the coming week and might do one about why we have the Union Jack on our flag

  4. I thought the white was a guy bending over with a star between his legs...

  5. This is fascinating. One of my sons, a school teacher, has a HUGELY popular journal for the sat 9 years and he has a world globe up so that whenever anyone new logs on to his City Journal, it posts the visit, where it's from, its flag and how many folks from any given place have been there to his journal. He has about 180 + world flags, Let me send him this one to see if he has it or even knows about it.

    You have the best stuff, Jo_Anne.
    PS Katie was in her black bed and all her white bits were not showing so she was well disguised. Hi to Blain.


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