Monday, 27 April 2015

Chocolate Soldiers

The 'Chocolate Soldiers' of New Guinea

By A. E. Lockrey
The heat and the haze of the jungle
Enshroud them on every side,
The dank and the damp so insistent
They contend with in youthful pride:
Dark terrors are there in the lurking,
 In shady concealment they hide,
But the defiant Chocolate Soldiers
Have suffered and bled and died.
Through the trackless mountain passes,
Through the deadly swampland drear,
In the slush of endless mudlands
They plod; and the enemy near
Is crafty, and cunning and silent,
But the Chocos have no fear
As, shedding their blood in the jungle
They fight for their country so dear.
And who will dare with sneering
To say they cannot face,
All this, and more if needs be
For the honour of their race?
And how can mind forget it,
And how can time efface,
Such valour must be given
In history’s page a place.


  1. I had to dig around to learn what a Chocolate Soldier was... Nice poem, good post.

  2. Dearest Jo-Anne,
    Love the word 'Chocos'.

    1. Yep I like the word as well and they were a brave bunch the chocolate soldiers

  3. Nicely done Jo-Anne. I love what I learn from you in regards to stuff like this. 😊


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