Monday, 2 February 2015

Shoes...........where are his shoes................oh yeah right where I left them

It's Monday here and I am sitting and waiting for Jessica to drop off Leo for me to take him to school, I think she is dropping him off here, ok I rang Tasha and asked if Leo was with her and he was so had to drop everything and go over there to get Leo and guess what I did I forgot his shoes so Tasha watched him while I popped around his place and no there were no shoes there for him. So I had to come back here to find shoes and then back to Tasha's to pick him up and take him to school and of course we were late but no too late the children were sitting at an assembly and I hung around to listen to the assembly and Leo's name was called out for a birthday certificate but he wouldn't go and get it. A teacher asked him why he didn't go up and he said he had his birthday already and didn't need to have everyone sing happy birthday to him again.

So then I come home and Kelli is here she needs to use the computer to apply for the child care benefit as she is putting Daemon into Day Care one day a week a the day care just down from her place. This will be good for Daemon as like many young children he only socialises with his brother and cousins and he doesn't see his cousins every week. She is only starting with one day a week.

I mentioned before about Dawson's brother Landon and how the Department of Children's services or Doc’s wanted to take him into care, well last week Michelle had to go to court about him and he was placed into the care of Dave & Leigh for those who don't know Dave is my brother Leigh is his wife and Dave is Dawson's father. How long he will remain with them is unknown they go back to court on the 19th but we expect him to stay with Dave & Leigh for a long time to come. At least he isn't with strangers and even though we are not blood relatives we are family and the only family Michelle & Allen have. Yes Michelle's mother is alive but she isn't a mothers asshole and Doc's don't want her to have any contact with Landon or Dawson at all and yes Michelle does have some siblings but she has nothing to do with any of them and most of them mental health problems and disabilities. Michelle is very grateful to Dave & Leigh for stepping up and taking Landon into their home, and he is at last sleeping and eating better while his mum has been in hospital he stopped eating and was not sleeping well either.

Last night Tim and I were watching The Royal Bodyguard with David Jason and I think the show is bloody funny and was laughing my head off and you know what Tim says to me he thinks the show is funny just not that funny.

Ok I should post this while it is still Monday morning, I started writing the post 3 hours ago.............  


  1. Bill thinks it is funny but I'm not so sure.

    1. The shoe mess wasn't funny, his reaction to the birthday certificate was

  2. Leo came up with a pretty good reason IMHO. Who needs embarrassed twice when you already got it once?

    1. Yes he does that come up with good reasons all the time and he can be so funny at times



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