Monday, 23 June 2014

Busy life and mobile phones

Well here I am on this fine Monday afternoon getting around to writing a post, I am well although my nose is running and when it isn't running it is blocked and I have a bit of a headache.

This morning I went and helped mum with her monthly shopping and since I had to do that Kelli drove Leo to school for me so a big thank you for doing that Kelli.

The last few days have been busy for me Friday I didn't stop from the time I got out of bed till the time I went to bed. Saturday saw me driving Kelli around to 5 house inspections the first 3 places where ok but the last two where dumps and they were asking $350 a week for the places one of them smelt bad like and old person smell so she didn't bother applying for those places.

It is so hard for her and Jono to find a place this year she has applied for around 30 places so far and went to the Dept. of Housing (DoH) to ask if they could give her more help, she was told if she kept a diary of places she has applied for after getting 30 rejections they would offer her more help in the form of a letter to estate agents saying they would help with bond and such. Well she goes to the DoH this morning and guess what they said that she hadn't filled in the right form and she told them what she was told and they ended up copying the diary and sent it off to the head office in Newcastle. So now she has to wait and see what happens.

Yesterday I had the girls over for lunch, well I thought it would be just Jessica here for lunch but at 9am Kathy and her girls have turned up and stayed for lunch I did silverside and veggies for lunch with apple pie for dessert.

Do you have a mobile phone, I am sure you do as every man and his dog has one nowadays ?

Are you loyal to your provider or do you swap around and go with who gives you the best deal.

I have been with the same company since I got my first mobile phone, that company is Optus, when I got my first mobile phone there was only two mobile phone companies Optus and Telstra now there are more companies but there are really only three many ones Optus, Telstra and Virgin.

Most of my family is with Optus except my daughter Jessica who is with Telstra, who just saw this and went mad at me because I mentioned her name, oh well she will get over it.
Speaking of mobile phones when they first came out they were large phones then over time they got smaller and smaller and now they are getting bigger again what is with that.

My father calls me a dag because I have a pink reciever that I connect to my mobile so that I don't hang up on people when I am speaking to them, I don't care it makes it easier for me and that is what matters to me.


Coffee Lady said...

That pink receiver is so cute. I used to have a pink princess phone when I was a teenager. I've not ever seen anything like that. I'll have to look online...cute idea

Elsie Amata said...

Best of luck to your daughter. It sounds very frustrating of her to be in that position. Feel better!

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Jo-Anne,
How would life be without those mobile phones?
We don't even have a land line anymore; just mobile phones.
As for being loyal, for our land line we have been loyal for over 30 years but finally quit as their internet service was very poor. Overloaded and you pay a lot for being disconnected on-and-on. How many times I'd lost text or whatever I was doing on line... poof and gone. We don't have that much time to fiddle with.
So now we got satellite internet and it's steady but slower. Can't have it all I guess!
Hope your daughter soon finds a place to live in!

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

It is one of the best things I have bought

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Thank you it is very frustrating and depressing

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Yes the knock backs are depressing for her, I know of a few people who do not have a land line any more just their mobiles

Dawn Saros-Kirk said...

I just use a pay as you go phone. I never thought of connecting a cell phone to a receiver, a pink one at that. Funny! What is silverside? Best wishes for your daughter finding a place soon.

Jo-Anne Meadows said...

Silverside is Corn Beef and is yummy with mash potatoes.
Yeah I think young people should only have pre paid mobile phones so they don't run up a high bill

Carol Kilgore said...

Love the receiver! Good luck to your daughter. I wonder why it is that some things we need can be so hard to obtain.

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