Thursday, 24 February 2011

May she rest in peace

Yesterday was my mother in-laws funeral all went well although no one there showed much emotion, my husband had a few tears and I noticed her husband had a tear in his eye when we where at the cementry but all in all there was not much emotion.

Now I know everyone is different but when I went to my grandfathers funeral I cried a lot and I know I will be the same at my grandmothers funeral when that time comes. I also know when I lose either of my parents I will be a complete wreck.

We had to get up at 6am and get read to leave as we didn't want to get caught in peak hour traffic, the funeral was in Sydney but as it turned out it was nearly 7am before we left home. I was the first one up and got mself dressed got my grandson up and got him dressed and took him to day care then when we got to the day care I realised that I forgot to take his lunch so we had to drop his lunch then we where on our way.

Two of our daughter came with us along with one grandchild Sydney-May who was so cute running around everywhere yelling and squealing. Although my daughter said she ran out on the road and she had to chase her.

We left for home staight after the funeral and we where home again by 3pm in time for me to go to a flat inspection with my daughter.


Bouncin' Barb said...

It is strange how everyone reacts differently at funerals. Some are hysterical, some sob, some are quiet. Hard to tell what goes through their minds isn't it? Sorry for yours and your husbands loss.

Jo-Anne Mother and Nanna said...

Thank You Barb I was sitting there wondering what others where thinking but I am like that.

Update on mum

After getting up this morning and throwing a load of washing on to wash I get a phone call from Sandra just as I was thinking of ringing...