Thursday, 9 July 2009

Feeling Like.......................................

Work up with a cough this morning and feeling like shit and just as I got up Natasha and Blain turned up. When I asked what she was doing here it came out wrong and sounded like I didn't want her here, which wasn't the case as I was already thinking about going back to bed which I did after I had breakfast as I just didn't feel like doing anything. Even watching telly was to much of an effort couldn't concerntraite.

I also have Leo tonight as it is Jessica's poker night, I hope Tim will be able to help me with him I think I will be back in bed soon and I expect to have an early night. I want to be feeling better by tomorrow morning as I have to go shopping tomorrow, I only go out shopping on Fridays as a rule.


  1. Sorry to hear you are not well.Bed is the best place for you. Get checked for swine flu if it gets like flu.

  2. hi Jo-Anne, so much sickness around atm it's not funny. feel better soon. rest and drink lots of fluids blah blah blah. you know the drill. lol <3 Fran

  3. I am thankfully feeling much better now just in time to have Leo again as his mother asked if I would have him either tonight or tomorrow night.

  4. Definitely lots of sickness around...Thankfully the kids are all better....Nothing worse than feeling ill...Hope you`re all better now.....
    I would hate feeling like crap and have to do the shopping.....



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