Saturday, 31 May 2008

I was talking to Tasha the other day about how sometimes you can go from loveing someone to pretty much hating them, she now gets physicaly sick when she sees her ex and if wasn't for the fact that they have a child together she would never see him again.

Why has this happened well it's because he doesn't like to see her happy and she feels he goes out of his way to upset her and to try to destroy any new realationship she has. Seems to be something a lot of men do and it is so childish, he says he is over her and wants her to find someone new but then when she does and he finds out about it he has to cause trouble.

She no longer wants to be around him or see him or talk to him ever again this is sad but it is his own doing as he is a child in a mans body.

I can see her moving away and not telling him where she is.


  1. Unfortunately it does happen....14 years now I have been separatd and divorced from my ex and still to this day he gives me grief...My hubby would love to physically hurt him but what does that achieve....
    I can see why she hates him so as I feel exactly the same way about my ex....It`s not hard to do if they are making life difficult for you....

  2. Hi Joanne
    Im really happy 2 c Tasha has finally relized that she is to good for him and he has taken her for granted..We all knew this day would have came but Tasha needed to find out herself.. Unforunatly it has to be like this.. She needs to be happy and being with Lucus obviously does.. Jonathon is never going to grow up and will never amount to anything even knowing he has a son that dont put any boost in maturing.. Blain is out growing Jonathon in so many ways and that is sad to see lol.. I very happy to hear that Tasha has found LOVE at last and she is enjoying it.. If moving away from Jonathon is the only way she feels is out well thats what she needs to do..
    Bee xoxo


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