Monday, 24 March 2008

DVD Recorder

Well I have my DVD recorder up and running at last didn’t take long to set it up as all I had to do was connect the cords and turn it in.

I am a little upset with myself as I didn’t realise it was a –R/RW recorder and not one that take both + and –R/RW so now I have to go out and get new disc’s.

So far I haven’t recorded anything on it but I am so happy to have it set up ready to use.


  1. thats great the set up was easy.. Wow there is so much to know about new technology..I don't know if i would know the difference.. hope you get to try it soon

  2. Hello Jo-Anne,
    Nice to read you have your DVD Recorder and it's a pain with the different DVD'S.
    I am ok with the DVD'S as our DVD Recorder takes all kinds and it also has a hard drive which I would not be without.
    Have fun and take care,


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